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Cory Richards and I met at National Geographic's event during 2017 SxSW, where we recorded this discussion (thus the background music).  He was Nat...
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In addition to writing about what I learned from the Sherpas in Nepal, I often write on about people in the West...
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It was wonderful to meet Binod Chaudhary today. He is in NY to promote his book "
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Getting caught up chasing success and ego can sometimes cloud our judgement.  Watch my discussion with Dawa Jangbu Sherpa (nearly four years ago) on...
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When I went to Mt. Everest Base Camp in 2012, I interviewed roughly 50 Sherpas and members of the climbing community.  One of the...
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I met @TonyHawk a couple of months ago, thanks to my friend Patrick. I was of course aware of Tony's popularity as a skateboarder,...
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Tonight I got together with Wendy Kaufman, known to some as "The Snapple Lady." We met 20 years ago when I worked on the...
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What an amazing day for tennis. After so many close finishes, Andy Murray finally captured a major championship by winning the US Open....
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With the 2012 Olympics upon us, I am reminded of New York City's bid for the 2012 Games.  The idea and effort were...
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A few times in your career (if you're fortunate) you work with a person who is able to balance business drive with an...