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Interviews Tony Hawk Soars on the Path

I met @TonyHawk a couple of months ago, thanks to my friend Patrick. I was of course aware of Tony’s popularity as a skateboarder, X-Games’ commentator and social media whiz.  In getting to know him a bit beyond that, I have recognize several Sherpa-like qualities, such as a willingness to attempt things with unwavering confidence, vision and perseverance. In addition, Tony, like most Sherpas I’ve met, is relatively soft spoken and thoughtful.

In this interview for TheSherpaPath Tony shares we me (and now with you) his thoughts on: success “to be happy with yourself…”, failure “learning from your mistakes, getting up and trying again…” and perseverance “You have to be willing to go the distance…”  Watch the 2 minute Video

I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand Tony’s approach to these principles in action, during a couple of his skating sessions and several get togethers. His approach can apply to whatever #SummitofSuccess you envision.  Enjoy and climb (or skate) on!

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