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About the Film

When I first went to Nepal in 1998, the majestic Himalayas captivated me.  But I was even more enthralled by the spirit of the Sherpa people.

I went back to Nepal in 2012 on a month-long expedition to Mt. Everest Base Camp to learn more about the Sherpa culture and their approach to overcoming obstacles. I spent 22 days on the mountain and interviewed nearly 50 Sherpas and western climbers.

What I learned about the Sherpas and ultimately about myself is captured in this 17 minute film. I invite you to share your inspiration on The Sherpa Path.

Many thanks to: the Cooney family and EUE Screengems for their production guidance and kindness; John Monte for his excellent editing; Grant for lending his camera; Brian, Jason, George and Ed for shooting tips; Omkrisna a wonderful photographer who assisted in Nepal; expedition members Chaz, Rob, Brian, Sean, Lauren, Mona; all of the Sherpas, especially Karma, Pruwah, Dorjee, Lhakpa, and Jangbu; and others who participated.