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Blog Dan Doctoroff’s Sherpa-like Vision

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With the 2012 Olympics upon us, I am reminded of New York City’s bid for the 2012 Games.  The idea and effort were spearheaded by Dan Doctoroff. He imagined hosting the Olympics in the “World’s Second Home,” where every country would have a local fan base.

I was fortunate to play a role by creating the initial web site and marketing campaign and by serving on the Board of NYC2012.  Although the Olympics are in London instead of in NYC this year, it was an amazing experience to be part of such an ambitious effort.  And, many of the ideas and plans set forth for NYC’s infrastructure and community development have become a reality anyway.

And, I was fortunate through the process to get to know Dan Doctoroff.  I include Dan on The Sherpa Path for his Sherpa like qualities of: vision, perseverance, team-building, goal orientation and self-awareness. Like the Sherpas, Dan is “powerful” and also very caring about people. A rare combination these days.

Dan now serves as CEO & President of Bloomberg LP. I invite you to listen to and share our recent discussion.

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