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Blog Thanks and Giving

During this Thanksgiving break, I took some time to reflect.  I just reread my post from last year’s Thanksgiving weekend, which reminded me to do a couple of things that help me to feel appreciation. You can read the post from 2014 at:

Reflecting on the “Thanks” in this holiday, reminds us to not only be thankful for our situation but also to tap into what I call “The Sherpa Within” and to thank oneself.  This is particularly important at times when we do not receive the appreciation and/or recognition in the way that is most meaningful from others.  The Sherpas showed me that through hard work, service and being present they can enjoy the Path.  They knew they were doing their best and thus derived satisfaction from their effort, whether or not they were appreciated by others. So, as a reminder, “thank” yourself for the hard work and the good that you are doing.

The other half of this holiday name is “giving.” It is important that we continue to give what we can to others, though whatever means we can.  There are so many situations close to home and a world away that require assistance.  In Nepal, the cleanup and rebuilding efforts continue.  They will take many years and lots of support from the government, non-profit organizations and individuals like us.  Do what you can to give this holiday season.  Here again are a few organizations that I support, which help the people of Nepal:

In the photo of Karma and I, we are wearing a khata, a traditional ceremonial scarf in Tibetan Buddhism. The khata, which symbolizes purity and compassion, are worn or presented at many ceremonial occasions. Tibetan khatas are usually made of silk and are white, symbolizing the pure heart of the giver.

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