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Blog Service and Compassion

It is six months to the day (April 25th) that a massive earthquake shook Nepal.  The devastation was overwhelming and the aftershock several days later added another layer of destruction. While many people and organizations have provided aid, much more support is needed.  As time goes on, other tragedies will inevitably occur around the world and closer to home.  It is important to continue think about the numerous needs of the people of Nepal.  My friend Karma Sherpa, is currently on a trip that he organized to his childhood village Chhulemu for several doctors to provide medical help.  Another friend Mike Perlis and his wife Missy are traveling to Nepal next week with a group to provide temporary shelters.  I met Karma and Mike while on a trek in Nepal back in 1998, organized by the amazing non profit group @OutwardBound.  It is especially pertinent that the tenth principle of OB is “Service & Compassion.”

Please continue to help however you can as the needy people of Nepal need our support now more than ever. While we cannot all make the trip to Nepal, here again are two organizations where your donations will be provided to people on the ground:

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