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Blog My S.H.E.R.P.A. Meditation

The positive impact of meditation is widely recognized. While I had attempted to practice over the years, most techniques were too time consuming or confusing to remember.

I’ve recently created a meditation using the acronym S.H.E.R.P.A. as a guide.  It provides a sense of clarity in mere minutes.  I practice this every day.

The written description of my SHERPA meditation is published on The Huffington Post, which you can find by clicking here.

I’ve guided several friends, family members and colleagues through the exercise.  They have enjoyed it and asked me for a recording. So, I share with you my SHERPA meditation as a video and MP3.  Enjoy!

When I was in Nepal, trekking each day helped me to refocus – at times on each step.  I also had a moment late one night in my tent at Mt Everest Base Camp. I was shivering, struggling to breathe and angry that I had to urinate, yet again (other than direct Oxygen, H2O is the best way to quickly get air).  It was too cold and dangerous to leave the tent, so I had to unzip my sleeping bag and maneuver my body to pee in a designated water bottle. My daughter still doesn’t forgive me for taking her yellow bottle for that purpose, but the color made it easy to distinguish. Icicles, which had formed on the inside of the tent, fell on me.  This was not a pleasant moment. But, during that moment I realized something profound. I was miserable and I was alone. I did however have complete clarity. I promised myself to remember that moment in the tent so that when I returned home I could tap into it and Realize how good things are in comparison.  It shifted my perspective, which is the inspiration for “Realize” as represented by the the “R” in S.H.E.R.P.A.

Moments slip away quickly. I am fortunate to have today in this way (I made this video at a beautiful spot on the Delaware River in PA).  I have not always had smooth sailing…no one has. And there will be more difficult times ahead.  But, perspective helps.  And when things are good, realize it and enjoy.


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