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Blog Thankful on the Path

These five “F’s'” are my favorites from Thanksgiving: (turkey and) fixings, football, friends, family and fun.

As I sit to write, it is clear that “thanks” is missing. Thanks needs more than an “F” to make the list – it requires a moment of reflection.  During my daily S-H-E-R-P-A meditation (which I’ve described in this previous post:, I always “realize” my current situation, which usually leads to appreciation, especially when comparing my current surroundings to daily life in the Himalayas.  But “thanks” is something different. It typically is a way to express appreciation for someone else, who has done something for you.  But, when was the last time you thanked yourself?

The Sherpa Within for me is the voice inside that provides self-motivation, comfort and I just realized self-thanks. I went back to one of my favorite meditation spots on the couch in the den, closed my eyes and thanked myself.  With each breath I thanked myself for things I have done recently that benefit others and ways I have acted kindly to myself.

Take a moment to thank yourself for whatever you want. The impact is powerful because we do not always receive the “thanks” (or likes or re-tweets…) that we sometimes desire.  By giving yourself thanks, you can reduce the need for outside appreciation and validation. Tap into your Sherpa Within to thank yourself when you do something for someone and as a reminder to appreciate your own giving.

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