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Blog Enjoying The Journey Before The Journey


I’m getting geared up for my expedition to Mt. Everest. I depart NYC in just two weeks and two days (March 23).


I’m a bit nervous about the physical challenges ahead, especially the altitude (Base camp is 18,500) and the nights below freezing in a tent. Over the past several months I’ve intensified my work outs, eaten better and stopped drinking (after partying with the Giants Super Bowl weekend in INDY). I’ve lost 12 lbs in the past year/eight since November and gotten stronger. I’ve enjoyed mixing classes at Crunch, work-outs with friends like Patrick, Adam and Bob and practice hikes in interesting places like the Cloisters (thanks Hennie for the suggestion) where I don’t often visit.


I’ve also made it a top priority to see many of my friends and spend even more time with my family, knowing that I’ll be away for nearly a month. It’s been great to have this new sense of purpose. And more importantly for me, I’m truly engaged and enjoying the Path along the way.

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