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Blog LOVE is in the Edit

Today I reached a milestone of editing the first 13 interviews with Sherpas and Westerners (whom I beleive have a “Sherpa-like” quality). At first I planned to edit these interviews myself. I took several One-to-One iMovie lessons at the Apple Store. The editing process was taking too long given my newness with the tools and it was a bit isolating. Then came a bit of serendipity.


A few years ago I got involved with a wonderful non-profit group called LOVE (Leave Out the ViolencE), which serves at-risk youth affected by violence. Some of the tools used by LOVE are photo journalism and as fate would have it, video editing.


I recently shared my personal and professional “Path” with five brave 15-18 year olds and two supportive LOVE leaders Erica and Clayton.  Through this process I met an alumni named Rob. He is Final Cut whiz kid, a hard worker and a thoughtful person. Rob and I have collaborated over the past three months to edit the interviews on


LOVE has made this a more rewarding experience for me on several levels. I encourge you to learn more and to support LOVE at

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