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Interviews Preparing to perform when the heat is on

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When I explain The Sherpa Path and my exploration of what makes the Sherpa people unique, many people ask if I have read, “Into Thin Air.” Yes, I read Jon Krakauer’s best selling book years ago. I was captivated by the story, the struggle and the way the Sherpas helped others in the face of death. While Sherpas do have to perform courageous tasks, sometimes in life threatening situations, much of their daily life and activities are more “mundane.”


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  1. This was incredibly insightful. It fascinates me that the RIT, which has such a vital job is also the hardest team to be on – the waiting is worse than the doing, but the waiting could make all the difference in the world. A hard thing to ask of action-oriented rescuers. I also thought the bit about how relevant time is is influenced by which side of the communication relationship you are on: inside or out. Telling, experience, having been on both sides at some point, brought home the validity of both viewpoints. Thanks for sharing, Lenny. Lee, thank you for doing this – Iearned a lot about a man I have known for 48 years in the 7.5 minutes you put together. I will be ever grateful to you for that. Cheers, C

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