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Blog Sherpa Path flag on the Summit


It’s been two months since returning from the Himalayas. When I said goodbye to Rob, Chaz and the Sherpas at Everest Base Camp, they still had quite a ways to go…literally in terms of distance and time, physically and mentally.  I handed a “Sherpa Path” flag to Dorjee Sherpa, our Lead Climbing Sherpa who had made it to the Summit seven times prior to this expedition.  During our time together, Dorjee had shared some very meaningful thoughts about his perspective (which I will post soon when I get through the video editing process), so I wanted him to have the flag.  And I asked if he could bring the flag with him to the Summit for a photo, if he should make it this time.  He simply nodded, smiled and respectfully accepted the flag.

Last night while eating and drinking at a black tie event in NYC I received this photo on my phone. I am reminded of the amazing struggle and sacrifice required to achieve certain accomplishments, like reaching the Summit of Mt. Everest.  And I am reminded of the commitment and humility of the Sherpas to follow through without fanfare.

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  1. Namaste Lee, It was so glad see you on Everest this spring 2012, Thanks for doing all this Great Job. Best of luck next The Shepa Path Project.your friend Dorjee, If you meet our Everest summit team Please say hello and Namaste to Them.

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