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I am finding it so hard to cope with the news coming from the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. The distruction is overwhelming. The human suffering inconceivable.

Having been to Nepal several times, including my expedition to My Everest Base camp this time three years ago, the tragedy hits home quite personally. But, it’s not the place that I think about. It’s the spirit of the people, especially the Sherpas who I have come to know. They are so happy with so little, by our Western standards. They smile during situations in which I struggled. They taught me about keeping things in perspective. Over the years I’ve been able to tap into that “realization” through my daily S.H.E.R.P.A mediation, (explained on this site). It’s even more impactful since the tragedy.

My “issues” today are not life threatening. I’ve had to deal with a tragedy of my own when my mother was killed many years ago. So I know pain and suffering. But today, as I write this from the comfort of a park bench on a sunny day in downtown NYC, I realize how fortunate I am.

Although it’s not much given the magnitude of the disaster, I’ve made a donation to two great local organizations: and a relief effort set up by my friend Karma Sherpa at

It would be great if you can help too. If not, just take a deep breath and realize, in perspective, how good things are for you today and think about the wonderful people of Nepal. Namaste.


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