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Blog Are you really in the moment?

There is a pretty cool digital depiction of the Khumbu region of the Himalayas.  While I encourage you to view it (see: it reminds me of the importance of being in the real world versus viewing a photo or video. There is nothing digitally (even with VR and all the of the new technological enhancements), that compares with the real experience. As I (ironically) sit in front of my computer writing this, I wonder why this is.

The differences are more the sight, sound and motion.  Part of the uniqueness of an experience like going to Nepal and trekking through the Khumbu region is what it takes to get there – the effort, distance, finances, and the commitment to take more than five minutes out of the day – and the Path that I was on.  The true differences for me were the people I met, the Sherpas, and the feelings stimulated inside of me.  I was alive like never before and a new part of me was cracked open by adventure and a unique culture.  Once that place is opened up, as it was in me, it can be tapped into again and again.

Here is a photo I took of a Lama who lives in the Khumbu region and prays for climbers and Sherpas on their way to Mt. Everest. I’m so fortunate to have been present (physically and mentally).

So, take a look at the link. But, hopefully you will be inspired to have a true experience (in the Himalayas or someplace else that inspires you) sometime soon.



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