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Blog Pearce on the Path

Last night I saw my friend (or as he likes to say frend because there is no “i” with his crew) @kevinpearce at the NYC screening of @crashreel. This is a must see. The 1.5 hour doc premiers on HBO July 15. This is about so much more than snowboarding or head injuries, although those topics are covered. I was moved by the love and support of his amazing family (all of whom attended the screening last night) and frends.

They dealt with the emotional and the reality seemingly at once. To me this was Sherpa-like, as there are often life and death situations in the mountains that the Sherpas have to deal with that require great composure. Also amazing and Sherpa-like is the realization that Kevin is going through after the devastating fall changed his life two plus years ago. In one moment he went from Olympic gold medal hopeful to a kid fighting for his life in intensive care. After he came out of the hospital four months later, he could have checked out. Instead Kevin has a new purpose. He’s dedicated to helping others with traumatic brain injuries. He set up a foundation to raise money and awareness -#LoveYourBrain – Ride on Kevin!


The Pearce family and Crash Reel director Lucy Walker


Kevin, my wife Rebecca and me (right to left)


Lucy and Kevin’s brother David introducing the film

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